My Vision oflife is to sphread the happiness by my karma and virtue of social services to the common man of the society and fill the gaps created due to un-equality and unrest worldwide, Jain Dharma can play a vital role in the society to makingpeoplehappier by giving the value to life by educating the importance of dharma in life.

Mr. Bhanwar Lalji Dhoshi having a vision to playing a vital role in the knowledge spreading of the Jain Dharma everywhere and give more than what he achieve and take from society. This way any human can come near to moksha and bring happiness in life.

As Jain Dharma known for the satya, ahimsha and sarbo hitai, sarvo sukhai so we bring true meaning of the same by returning back to society in means and efforts.
Two Words ( Profile )
Shree Bhanwar lal Doshiji is one of the know Traders and Business Leader with a very established business of chemical and plastic sphered all over India.  Shree Bhanwar Lal doshiji is leading the life with principles that bring them so much name and value in society.
Shree doshi is associated with several jain sangh and gives valuable services and contribution towards the improvements of the Dharma karma.

The professional life of mr doshi is also having so much to admire about. The stating of business by mr. doshi is very moderated and having an investment of just Rs. 30,000 in hand, Mr doshi bring that business a prominent position with help of the hundreds of associated employee, Vendors, partners and Customers and achieve several performance benchmark in the journey of the business.

Even after a moderated start of the business today the business of the mr. Doshi company is now having a turnover of hundreds of crores and provide employment ship and social enrichment to all of associated employee and partners.

Mr. Doshi journey of the dharma going by the several exemplary works and one of them is having a ghar mandir sthapna in their own home. This is first ghar mandir in delhi NCR region and more than hundreds of people, sant, sadhwai attended the ceremony and make a proud moment of jain dharm in delhi and NCR region.

Mr. Doshi believes in simple life and hence decided to go to the next stage of life and coming with diksha in May 31st 2015.